Benefits on tap! Every drop of this liquid gel cap is flowing with more calcium, and vitamin D3 than three cups milk – giving you essential bone building nutrients faster than you can call for a second round.
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M’lis CALCIUM is packaged in a soluble liquid gel form which allows it to be more easily absorbed by the body. M’lis utilizes a proprietary 6-step process to produce a 98% absorption rate.

• Increases bone strength
• Boosts cardiovascular health
• Reduces kidney stone formation
• Aids in weight management
• Eases restless leg syndrome
• Alleviates anxiety, insomnia, or sleep issues
• Boosts immune system
• Prevents osteoporosis, muscle pains, insomnia, hyperactivity, menstrual cramps, and blood clotting

Those who should take calcium: children, elderly, menopausal, postmenopausal, diabetic, pregnant, nursing, drinker/smoker, and those taking corticosteroids

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate 600 mg, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 1000 IU

Capsule Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Soybean Oil

Quantity: 100 liquid softgels

Suggested Use: 2 -4 softgels daily

Helpful Hint: Do not take calcium with fiber, as it can decrease calcium absorption