Enjoy a basket full of beautiful benefits. Freshly plucked, this delicate pink flower supplies a healthy bloom of gamma linolenic, and omega acids to assist skin, and heart health – because no other benefits would be as sweet.

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M’lis E.P.O. (EVENING PRIMROSE OIL), comes from the seeds of the evening primrose plant. This Omega-6 fatty acid is a rich source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that the body converts to a hormone-like substance called prostaglandin E1 (PGE1). Prostaglandins positively affect every organ of the body, and are especially beneficial to the heart, skin, and immune system. A shortage of prostaglandins results in impaired health. With an increase in GLA in the diet, the body is better able to function and properly fight disease.

• Lowers weight without dieting
• Improves acne when taken with zinc
• Lowers blood cholesterol/blood pressure
• Heals or improves eczema
• Stops rheumatoid arthritis (moderate cases)
• Relieves premenstrual pain
• Improves hyperactive children
• Alleviates hangovers
• Regulates water retention and sodium balance
• Raises metabolism
• Improves nerve function

Ingredients: Evening Primrose Oil 500mg, Cis-Linoleic Acid (LA), Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)

Quantity: 150 softgels

Suggested Use: Take 3-6 softgels daily

Helpful Hint: Use in M’lis skin care protocols for rosacea, eczema, androgenic and premenstrual acne, and in UV induced pigmentation.