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"Where do I even start?! I met Casey after becoming a patient at Grant Chiropractic, and was suffering from several debilitating symptoms at the time. After being misdiagnosed with MS and lupus by several doctors, Dr. Dan suggested I meet Casey and try out the Zyto scan to see what was really going on. Right away I felt like a long time friend versus a patient. Casey genuinely cares for each patient and is dedicated to using her incredible knowledge to help you heal for ultimate long term health. I went in for my Zyto scan, completely open minded, but had no idea how accurate it would be! Wow was it accurate!


"The Zyto scan reads your body and allows your body to communicate what it needs to achieve improved health. It listed areas where my body was deficient or had inflammation, custom supplemental suggestions, an overview of all of my organs and how well they are responding, as well as several other informative readings!


"Fast forward a year, I was finally diagnosed correctly by a top doctor and decided to see Casey again for an updated zyto scan since the first one was incredible. As we looked at the results and looked back at my first scan, all we could do was laugh. The Zyto scan was 100% accurate with my correct diagnosis and suggested remedies even a year ago that help my condition. The Zyto scan was accurately telling me what was wrong even before doctors figured it out!


"After witnessing the improvement in my health first hand, my husband quickly got in to see Casey to seek advice for his health concerns.


"We love you Casey! Your care, advice, knowledge, and guidance in using natural remedies has changed our lives. Thank you is an incredible understatement; words can't describe how much we appreciate you!"

Monique Hessler

Monique Hessler Photography, as seen on The Knot

"My experience with M'lis detoxification was a great one. Casey Grant explained everything so that I could understand what was going to happen ... Casey was more than helpful; she took interest in my goals and gave very helpful tips to losing weight. The M'lis detoxification worked very well and has helped me eat better. I would highly recommend M'lis detoxification and Casey Grant to anyone who is serious about having a healthier lifestyle." 

Mario, AZ

"Prior to working with Casey, I was feeling lost in my weight loss journey and living a life filled with anxiety. After a brief meeting, Casey suggested I begin by trying the M'lis Certified Detox Cleanse as a way to reset my hunger signals and eliminate my sugar and caffeine addiction. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try.


"The results were amazing.


"I went from drinking Starbucks lattes and energy drinks several times a day to drinking lemon water instead. I no longer crave sugary, carbohydrate-laden foods and drinks, and I find I have a natural energy instead of a chemically driven one.


"After completing the cleanse, Casey and I met again and she performed a Zyto scan on me, measuring 120 biomarkers to see what was out of balance in my body. Through the scan, it was made overwhelmingly clear that my adrenal glands were on overload and this was the cause of my inability to lose weight. The Zyto scan the created a list of recommended supplements that will bring my body back into balance based off my body’s responses. From there, Casey was able to order the suggested supplements. Casey is wonderful in offering advice on personal growth and nutrition. Her advice is simple, practical, and useful. She is a wealth of knowledge and I would recommend working with her if you are serious about making a positive change in your health and well being." 

Holly, AZ

"I have had great success with Fresh Start's Ariix weight loss system. It is the ONLY system that I have ever used that dropped 14 pounds the first month and continued in the second month with very little effort. I feel so much healthier in my activity level, happiness and skin as well. Casey also consulted me in very thorough life coaching discoveries that opened my eyes in amazement each time we met. Casey is extremely focused and shows a serious desire to delve into every area to get the most successful results. She truly cares about her clients' results. She is so well-rounded in so many of her techniques, that you always leave feeling fulfilled." 

Sally Voss, MN

"I was nervous at first to try the M'lis Detox and Body Cleanse, but it was actually very easy to do. I was not hungry throughout the cleanse and the lemonade drink is very tasty. I wasn’t really looking to lose weight, but I wanted to clean up my diet. I noticed a little weight lost at first, but more importantly, the bloating and fullness in my abdomen was significantly down. I lost about 7 pounds in 2 weeks. I continue to notice improvement in the way my clothes fit and my confidence level. My biggest nutritional battle has been my coffee drink addiction. The M'lis Detox and Body Cleanse helped make it an easy habit to break. I continue to make healthier choices in every meal, snack and beverage and I feel great! I have more energy to work all day and then spend quality time with my family especially keeping up with my 6-year-old daughter. I am looking forward to round 2 of my M'lis Detox and Body Cleanse, and I can’t wait to see further improvement!


"DoTerra’s Breathe essential oil has helped me stop my dependency on over the counter and prescription allergy decongestant medications! I love the smell of it. I topically apply the oil to my nostrils and I diffuse it overnight."

Brandy, AZ

"I knew I needed help turning my health around, and going to see Casey really was the smart move. The program she laid out for me was precise and straight forward, and she was always just a phone call or text away for help. She made all the difference, and I couldn't have done this well without her. Thanks, Casey.


"After starting the detox regimen, I thought I was going to be in for a rough time. Surprisingly even after the first day, I noticed a change in how I was feeling. The amount of get up and go did not disappear even after I stopped with whole foods altogether. Now that I've finished, it truly is easier to say no to that cake and go for that salad instead. Hard work pays off, and I'm still going strong. After the first month I lost over 16 pounds and feel wonderful!"

Al, AZ

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