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A Fresh Start to Health and Nutrition

After 18 years of working in the mortgage industry, Casey Grant was stressed, and sick of feeling stressed. She disliked her job because that’s what it felt like – a job. She didn’t enjoy what she was doing, and wanted to find a way to create a good income doing work she loved. Casey’s lifelong…

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Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Adding lemon to water not only quenches thirst better than any other beverage, but it also nourishes our body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements which we absolutely need. Lemon with water can be considered the best natural energy booster. When we wake up in the morning, our bodily tissues are dehydrated and are in…

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What is all the Gluten hype really about?

Gluten free hype

Does it really affect us? Is this diet for everyone? Does it make me lose weight? Is it really that bad for me? What is gluten?  These are the common questions we are hearing people ask about the “Gluten Free” craze that is going on. As many diets come and go, “Gluten Free” is here…

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