Gluten free hype

Does it really affect us? Is this diet for everyone? Does it make me lose weight? Is it really that bad for me? What is gluten? 

These are the common questions we are hearing people ask about the “Gluten Free” craze that is going on.

As many diets come and go, “Gluten Free” is here to stay. Researchers have found that gluten is the cause of many reactions people have to foods, certain allergies, side effects, leaky gut syndrome, increases in insulin levels, celiac disease, and more. It is estimated that 50-70% of the population has a gluten sensitivity.

What is gluten?

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. It is the ingredient in breads and pastas.  Humans can’t fully digest wheat. Wheat is the top eight on the allergen list. When it is undigested, it begins to ferment and causes gas. When you are allergic to gluten, it damages the lining of your digestive tract. Some of the common symptoms people notice when they react to gluten are vomiting, stomach pains, bloating, gas, and they get stuffed up. You could also be sensitive to gluten and have milder symptoms. Most people know if they feel better eliminating gluten from their diet entirely within two weeks. Most people recognize a difference almost immediately.

It is not only the obvious carbohydrates that contain gluten but also the high fat/ high sugar junk foods. Typical foods that contain gluten are common grains including wheat and rye. It is also found in cereal grains and most processed foods. is a free website that has tons of recipes you can download. Once you start trying recipes and different foods you will find that it is a lifestyle change. Food does still taste good. Gluten free does not take the fun out of food.

My family went gluten free two years ago when my husband was diagnosed with a gluten and dairy intolerance. At first it was hard because I didn’t know how, or what to look for. How am I going to adjust to this lifestyle? I started researching how to make foods and live our life without gluten. Now I know my family can have everything that normal people can have, I just choose the gluten free option. Your favorite foods like pizza, breads, pastas, chips they all come in a gluten-free form. It’s all about getting the education and finding out where to shop and what to buy.

This a lifestyle change. It’s not just a fad.

Try it see if it’s for you!

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